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Cities - USA - Minnesota

Visitors (Minnesotans) came from 246 cities representing 79 of MN's 87 counties (updated EOY 2014):


McGregor, MN (City of McGregor, MN)    Aitkin County, MN
Andover, MN (City of Andover, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Anoka, MN (City of Anoka, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Blaine, MN - Anoka, Ramsey (City of Blaine, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Circle Pines, MN (City of Circle Pines, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Coon Rapids, MN (City of Coon Rapids, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Fridley, MN (City of Fridley, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Ramsey, MN (City of Ramsey, MN)    Anoka County, MN
Detroit Lakes, MN (City of Detroit Lakes, MN)    Becker County, MN
Bemidji, MN (City of Bemidji, MN)    Beltrami County, MN
Tenstrike, MN (City of Tenstrike, MN)    Beltrami County, MN
Wilton, MN (City of Wilton, MN)    Beltrami County, MN
Rice, MN (City of Rice, MN)    Benton County, MN
Saint George Township, MN - Benton (Saint George, MN)    Benton County, MN
Sauk Rapids, MN (City of Sauk Rapids, MN)    Benton County, MN
Eagle Lake, MN (City of Eagle Lake, MN)    Blue Earth County, MN
Mankato, MN - Blue Earth, Le Sueur, Nicollet (City of Mankato, MN)    Blue Earth County, MN
Saint Clair, MN (City of Saint Clair, MN)    Blue Earth County, MN
New Ulm, MN (City of New Ulm, MN)    Brown County, MN
Prairieville Township, MN (Prairieville, MN)    Brown County, MN
Cloquet, MN (City of Cloquet, MN)    Carlton County, MN
Wrenshall, MN (City of Wrenshall, MN)    Carlton County, MN
Wright, MN (City of Wright, MN)    Carlton County, MN
Chanhassen, MN - Carver, Hennepin (City of Chanhassen, MN)    Carver County, MN
Chaska, MN (City of Chaska, MN)    Carver County, MN
Cologne, MN (City of Cologne, MN)    Carver County, MN
Victoria, MN (City of Victoria, MN)    Carver County, MN
Watertown, MN (City of Watertown, MN)    Carver County, MN
Hackensack, MN (City of Hackensack, MN)    Cass County, MN
Maynard, MN (City of Maynard, MN)    Chippewa County, MN
Montevideo, MN (City of Montevideo, MN)    Chippewa County, MN
Lindstrom, MN (City of Lindstrom, MN)    Chisago County, MN
Stacy, MN (City of Stacy, MN)    Chisago County, MN
Wyoming, MN (City of Wyoming, MN)    Chisago County, MN
Dilworth, MN (City of Dilworth, MN)    Clay County, MN
Georgetown, MN (City of Georgetown, MN)    Clay County, MN
Highland Grove Township, MN    Clay County, MN
Moorhead, MN (City of Moorhead, MN)    Clay County, MN
Clearbrook, MN (City of Clearbrook, MN)    Clearwater County, MN
Westbrook, MN (City of Westbrook, MN)    Cottonwood County, MN
Windom, MN (City of Windom, MN)    Cottonwood County, MN
Brainerd, MN (City of Brainerd, MN)    Crow Wing County, MN
Lake Edwards Township, MN    Crow Wing County, MN
Merrifield, MN (Lake Edwards Township, MN)    Crow Wing County, MN
Pequot Lakes, MN (City of Pequot Lakes, MN)    Crow Wing County, MN
Apple Valley, MN (City of Apple Valley, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Burnsville, MN (City of Burnsville, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Eagan, MN (City of Eagan, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Farmington, MN (City of Farmington, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Hastings, MN - Dakota, Washington (City of Hastings, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Inver Grove Heights, MN (City of Inver Grove Heights, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Lakeville, MN (City of Lakeville, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Mendota Heights, MN (City of Mendota Heights, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Rosemount, MN (City of Rosemount, MN)    Dakota County, MN
South Saint Paul, MN (City of South Saint Paul, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Vermillion, MN (City of Vermillion, MN)    Dakota County, MN
Waterford Township, MN - Dakota    Dakota County, MN
Mantorville, MN (City of Mantorville, MN)    Dodge County, MN
Alexandria, MN (City of Alexandria, MN)    Douglas County, MN
Osakis, MN - Douglas, Todd (City of Osakis, MN)    Douglas County, MN
Blue Earth, MN (City of Blue Earth, MN)    Faribault County, MN
Easton, MN (City of Easton, MN)    Faribault County, MN
Winnebago, MN (City of Winnebago, MN)    Faribault County, MN
Fountain, MN (City of Fountain, MN)    Fillmore County, MN
Lanesboro, MN (City of Lanesboro, MN)    Fillmore County, MN
Spring Valley, MN (City of Spring Valley, MN)    Fillmore County, MN
Albert Lea, MN (City of Albert Lea, MN)    Freeborn County, MN
Hayward, MN (City of Hayward, MN)    Freeborn County, MN
Cannon Falls, MN (City of Cannon Falls, MN)    Goodhue County, MN
Red Wing, MN (City of Red Wing, MN)    Goodhue County, MN
Norcross, MN (City of Norcross, MN)    Grant County, MN
Bloomington, MN (City of Bloomington, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Brooklyn Park, MN (City of Brooklyn Park, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Champlin, MN (City of Champlin, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Eden Prairie, MN (City of Eden Prairie, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Edina, MN (City of Edina, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Excelsior, MN (City of Excelsior, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Golden Valley, MN (City of Golden Valley, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Hopkins, MN (City of Hopkins, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Long Lake, MN (City of Long Lake, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Maple Grove, MN (City of Maple Grove, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Maple Plain, MN (City of Maple Plain, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Minneapolis, MN (City of Minneapolis, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Minnetonka, MN (City of Minnetonka, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Minnetrista, MN (City of Minnetrista, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Mound, MN (City of Mound, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Osseo, MN (City of Osseo, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Plymouth, MN (City of Plymouth, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Richfield, MN (City of Richfield, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Rogers, MN (City of Rogers, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Saint Louis Park, MN (City of Saint Louis Park, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Spring Park, MN (City of Spring Park, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Wayzata, MN (City of Wayzata, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Woodland, MN (City of Woodland, MN)    Hennepin County, MN
Caledonia, MN (City of Caledonia, MN)    Houston County, MN
Park Rapids, MN (City of Park Rapids, MN)    Hubbard County, MN
Cambridge, MN (City of Cambridge, MN)    Isanti County, MN
Pine Brook, MN (Wyanett, Springvale Townships, MN)    Isanti County, MN
Springvale Township, MN    Isanti County, MN
Wyanett Township, MN    Isanti County, MN
Grand Rapids, MN (City of Grand Rapids, MN)    Itasca County, MN
La Prairie, MN (City of La Prairie, MN)    Itasca County, MN
Lakefield, MN (City of Lakefield, MN)    Jackson County, MN
Wilder, MN (City of Wilder, MN)    Jackson County, MN
Spicer, MN (City of Spicer, MN)    Kandiyohi County, MN
Willmar, MN (City of Willmar, MN)    Kandiyohi County, MN
Hallock, MN (City of Hallock, MN)    Kittson County, MN
Karlstad, MN (City of Karlstad, MN)    Kittson County, MN
Saint Vincent, MN (City of Saint Vincent, MN)    Kittson County, MN
International Falls, MN (City of International Falls, MN)    Koochiching County, MN
Crystal Bay Township, MN    Lake County, MN
Finland, MN (Crystal Bay Township, MN)    Lake County, MN
Two Harbors, MN (City of Two Harbors, MN)    Lake County, MN
Kasota, MN (City of Kasota, MN)    Le Sueur County, MN
Montgomery, MN (City of Montgomery, MN)    Le Sueur County, MN
Waterville, MN (City of Waterville, MN)    Le Sueur County, MN
Tyler, MN (City of Tyler, MN)    Lincoln County, MN
Marshall, MN (City of Marshall, MN)    Lyon County, MN
Mahnomen, MN (City of Mahnomen, MN)    Mahnomen County, MN
Newfolden, MN (City of Newfolden, MN)    Marshall County, MN
Oslo, MN (City of Oslo, MN)    Marshall County, MN
Warren, MN (City of Warren, MN)    Marshall County, MN
Granada, MN (City of Granada, MN)    Martin County, MN
Welcome, MN (City of Welcome, MN)    Martin County, MN
Glencoe, MN (City of Glencoe, MN)    McLeod County, MN
Hutchinson, MN (City of Hutchinson, MN)    McLeod County, MN
Grove City, MN (City of Grove City, MN)    Meeker County, MN
Litchfield, MN (City of Litchfield, MN)    Meeker County, MN
Borgholm Township, MN (Borgholm, MN)    Mille Lacs County, MN
Kathio Township, MN - Mille Lacs    Mille Lacs County, MN
Vineland, MN (CDP of Vineland, MN)    Mille Lacs County, MN
Flensburg, MN (City of Flensburg, MN)    Morrison County, MN
Little Falls, MN (City of Little Falls, MN)    Morrison County, MN
Adams Township, MN - Mower    Mower County, MN
Adams, MN (City of Adams, M)    Mower County, MN
Austin, MN (City of Austin, MN)    Mower County, MN
Le Roy, MN (City of Le Roy, MN)    Mower County, MN
Waltham Township, MN - Mower    Mower County, MN
Waltham, MN (City of Waltham, MN)    Mower County, MN
Fulda, MN (City of Fulda, MN)    Murray County, MN
Saint Peter, MN (City of Saint Peter, MN)    Nicollet County, MN
Adrian, MN (City of Adrian, MN)    Nobles County, MN
Worthington, MN (City of Worthington, MN)    Nobles County, MN
Ada, MN (City of Ada, MN)    Norman County, MN
Rochester, MN (City of Rochester, MN)    Olmsted County, MN
Parkers Prairie, MN (City of Parkers Prairie, MN)    Otter Tail County, MN
Perham, MN (City of Perham, MN)    Otter Tail County, MN
Thief River Falls, MN (City of Thief River Falls, MN)    Pennington County, MN
Pine City, MN (City of Pine City, MN)    Pine County, MN
Sandstone, MN (City of Sandstone, MN)    Pine County, MN
Pipestone, MN (City of Pipestone, MN)    Pipestone County, MN
Crookston, MN (City of Crookston, MN)    Polk County, MN
East Grand Forks, MN (City of East Grand Forks, MN)    Polk County, MN
Gentilly Township, MN    Polk County, MN
Gully Township, MN    Polk County, MN
Tabor Township, MN - Polk    Polk County, MN
Trail, MN (Gully Township, MN)    Polk County, MN
Glenwood, MN (City of Glenwood, MN)    Pope County, MN
Westport, MN (City of Westport, MN)    Pope County, MN
Mounds View, MN (City of Mounds View, MN)    Ramsey County, MN
Roseville, MN (City of Roseville, MN)    Ramsey County, MN
Saint Paul, MN (City of Saint Paul, MN)    Ramsey County, MN
White Bear Lake, MN (City of White Bear Lake, MN)    Ramsey County, MN
Redwood Falls, MN - Redwood, Renville (City of Redwood Falls, MN)    Redwood County, MN
Wabasso, MN (City of Wabasso, MN)    Redwood County, MN
Fairfax, MN (City of Fairfax, MN)    Renville County, MN
Morton, MN (City of Morton, MN)    Renville County, MN
Dundas, MN (City of Dundas, MN)    Rice County, MN
Faribault, MN (City of Faribault, MN)    Rice County, MN
Northfield, MN - Rice, Dakota (City of Northfield, MN)    Rice County, MN
Warsaw Township, MN - Rice    Rice County, MN
Warsaw, MN (CDP of Warsaw, MN)    Rice County, MN
Hills, MN (City of Hills, MN)    Rock County, MN
Luverne, MN (City of Luverne, MN)    Rock County, MN
Warroad, MN (City of Warroad, MN)    Roseau County, MN
Aurora, MN (City of Aurora, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Canyon, MN (Northland Township, MN - Saint Louis)    Saint Louis County, MN
Chisholm, MN (City of Chisholm, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Duluth, MN (City of Duluth, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Ely, MN (City of Ely, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Eveleth, MN (City of Eveleth, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Fairbanks Township, MN - Saint Louis    Saint Louis County, MN
Fairbanks, MN (Unincorporated)    Saint Louis County, MN
Grand Lake Township, MN - Saint Louis    Saint Louis County, MN
Hermantown, MN (City of Hermantown, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Hibbing, MN (City of Hibbing, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Iron Junction, MN (City of Iron Junction, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Northland Township, MN - Saint Louis    Saint Louis County, MN
Sturgeon Township, MN    Saint Louis County, MN
Sturgeon, MN (Sturgeon Township, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
Twig, MN (Unincorporated)    Saint Louis County, MN
Virginia, MN (City of Virginia, MN)    Saint Louis County, MN
White Township, MN    Saint Louis County, MN
Belle Plaine, MN (City of Belle Plaine, MN)    Scott County, MN
Jordan, MN (City of Jordan, MN)    Scott County, MN
Prior Lake, MN (City of Prior Lake, MN)    Scott County, MN
Savage, MN (City of Savage, MN)    Scott County, MN
Shakopee, MN (City of Shakopee, MN)    Scott County, MN
Big Lake, MN (City of Big Lake, MN)    Sherburne County, MN
Clear Lake, MN (City of Clear Lake, MN)    Sherburne County, MN
Elk River, MN (City of Elk River, MN)    Sherburne County, MN
Santiago Township, MN - Sherburne (Santiago, MN)    Sherburne County, MN
Winthrop, MN (City of Winthrop, MN)    Sibley County, MN
Collegeville Township, MN - Stearns (Collegeville, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Saint Cloud, MN - Stearns, Sherburne, Benton (City of Saint Cloud, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Saint Joseph, MN (City of Saint Joseph, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Sartell, MN - Stearns, Benton (City of Sartell, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Sauk Centre, MN (City of Sauk Centre, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Waite Park, MN (City of Waite Park, MN)    Stearns County, MN
Owatonna, MN (City of Owatonna, MN)    Steele County, MN
Alberta, MN (City of Alberta, MN)    Stevens County, MN
Benson, MN (City of Benson, MN)    Swift County, MN
Fairfield Township, MN - Swift    Swift County, MN
Fairfield, MN (Unincorporated)    Swift County, MN
Staples, MN - Todd, Wadena (City of Staples, MN)    Todd County, MN
Dumont, MN (City of Dumont, MN)    Traverse County, MN
Wheaton, MN (City of Wheaton, MN)    Traverse County, MN
Aldrich, MN (City of Aldrich, MN)    Wadena County, MN
Wadena, MN - Wadena, Otter Tail (City of Wadena, MN)    Wadena County, MN
Waldorf, MN (City of Waldorf, MN)    Waseca County, MN
Bayport, MN (City of Bayport, MN)    Washington County, MN
Cottage Grove, MN (City of Cottage Grove, MN)    Washington County, MN
Forest Lake, MN (City of Forest Lake, MN)    Washington County, MN
Hugo, MN (City of Hugo, MN)    Washington County, MN
Lake Elmo, MN (City of Lake Elmo, MN)    Washington County, MN
Lakeland, MN (City of Lakeland, MN)    Washington County, MN
Stillwater, MN (City of Stillwater, MN)    Washington County, MN
Woodbury, MN (City of Woodbury, MN)    Washington County, MN
Saint James, MN (City of Saint James, MN)    Watonwan County, MN
Campbell, MN (City of Campbell, MN)    Wilkin County, MN
Altura, MN (City of Altura, MN)    Winona County, MN
Beaver, MN (Unincorporated)    Winona County, MN
Saint Charles, MN (City of Saint Charles, MN)    Winona County, MN
Saratoga Township, MN - Winona    Winona County, MN
Saratoga, MN (Unincorporated)    Winona County, MN
Utica, MN (City of Utica, MN)    Winona County, MN
Whitewater Township, MN - Winona    Winona County, MN
Winona, MN (City of Winona, MN)    Winona County, MN
Albertville, MN (City of Albertville, MN)    Wright County, MN
Buffalo, MN (City of Buffalo, MN)    Wright County, MN
Cokato, MN (City of Cokato, MN)    Wright County, MN
Delano, MN (City of Delano, MN)    Wright County, MN
Monticello, MN (City of Monticello, MN)    Wright County, MN
Rockford, MN - Wright, Hennepin (City of Rockford, MN)    Wright County, MN
Saint Michael, MN (City of Saint Michael, MN)    Wright County, MN
Waverly, MN (City of Waverly, MN)    Wright County, MN

See all lists of US cities.

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