More data about my visitors from 226 countries (see list below) and over 26,000 cities, from thousands of universities, hundreds of major media or national governments, dozens of military bases or international bodies, countless ISPs... plus a few tables to remember.

Cities - India

Indian visitors came from 274 cities representing 32 of India's 35 regions (28 States and 7 Union Territories) as of EOH1 2013:

Car Nicobar, IND    Andaman and Nicobar Islands - AN    Nicobar - NI
Amalapuram, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - East Godavari - EG
Kakinada, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - East Godavari - EG
Rajamahendri, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - East Godavari - EG
Guntur, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Guntur - GU
Tadepalle, IND - AP    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Guntur - GU
Tadepalle, IND - Krishna (Kotturu Tadepalle, IND)    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Krishna - KR
Vijayawada, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Krishna - KR
Nellore, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Nellore - NE
Ongole, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - Prakasam - PR
Eluru, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Coastal Andhra - West Godavari - WG
Nagari, IND - AP    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Rayalaseema - Chittoor - CH
Tirupati, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Rayalaseema - Chittoor - CH
Kadapa, IND (Cuddapah, IND)    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Rayalaseema - Kadapa - CU
Adoni, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Rayalaseema - Kurnool - KU
Kurnool, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Rayalaseema - Kurnool - KU
Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City, IND (HITEC City, IND - Hyderabad, IND)    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Hyderabad - HY
Hyderabad, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Hyderabad - HY
Madhapur, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Hyderabad - HY
Secunderabad, IND - AP    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Hyderabad - HY
Karimnagar, IND - AP    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Karimnagar - KA
Khammam, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Khammam - KH
Gachibowli, IND    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Telangana - Rangareddy / Ranga Reddy - RR
Visakhapatnam, IND (Vishakhapatnam, IND)    Andhra Pradesh - AP    Uttarandhra - Visakhapatnam - VS
Itanagar, IND    Arunachal Pradesh - AR    Papum Pare - PA
Dibrugarh, IND    Assam - AS    Dibrugarh - DI
Dispur, IND    Assam - AS    Kamrup Metropolitan
Guwahati, IND    Assam - AS    Kamrup Metropolitan
Aurangabad, IND - BR    Bihar - BR    Aurangabad
Bhagalpur, IND    Bihar - BR    Bhagalpur
Dhaka, IND - BR    Bihar - BR    East Champaran
Jamui, IND    Bihar - BR    Jamui
Munger, IND    Bihar - BR    Munger
Patna, IND    Bihar - BR    Patna
Chandigarh, IND    Chandigarh - CH    Chandigarh
Bilaspur, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Bilaspur
Bhilai, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Durg
Durg, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Durg
Kunkuri, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Jashpur
Raigarh, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Raigarh
Raipur, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Raipur
Ambikapur, IND    Chhattisgarh - CG    Surguja
Silvassa, IND    Dadra and Nagar Haveli - DN    Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Dilli, IND (Delhi, IND)    Delhi - DL (Dilli)    National Capital Territory of Delhi - NCT
Navi Dilli, IND (New Delhi, IND)    Delhi - DL (Dilli)    National Capital Territory of Delhi - NCT
Okhla, IND (Dilli, IND)    Delhi - DL (Dilli)    National Capital Territory of Delhi - NCT
Panaji, IND    Goa - GA    North Goa
Margao, IND (Madgaon, IND)    Goa - GA    South Goa
Ahmedabad, IND (Ahmadabad, IND)    Gujarat - GJ    Ahmedabad - AH
Rajula, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Amreli - AM
Anand, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Anand - AN
Bharuch, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Bharuch - BR
Bhavnagar, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Bhavnagar - BV
Gandhinagar, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Gandhinagar - GA
Jamnagar, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Jamnagar - JA
Gandhidham, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Kachchh (Kutch) - KA
Mehsana, IND (Mahesana, IND)    Gujarat - GJ    Mahesana - MA
Patan, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Patan - PA
Rajkot, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Rajkot - RA
Ena, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Surat - ST
Surat, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Surat - ST
Vadodara, IND    Gujarat - GJ    Vadodara - VD
Valsad, IND (Bulsar, IND)    Gujarat - GJ    Valsad - VL
Ambala, IND    Haryana - HR    Ambala
Bhiwani, IND    Haryana - HR    Bhiwani
Faridabad, IND    Haryana - HR    Faridabad
Gurgaon, IND    Haryana - HR    Gurgaon
Hisar, IND    Haryana - HR    Hisar
Bahadurgarh, IND    Haryana - HR    Jhajjar
Beri, IND    Haryana - HR    Jhajjar
Sheria, IND    Haryana - HR    Jhajjar
Jind, IND    Haryana - HR    Jind
Safidon, IND    Haryana - HR    Jind
Kaul, IND    Haryana - HR    Kaithal
Karnal, IND    Haryana - HR    Karnal
Maduban, IND (Madhuban, IND)    Haryana - HR    Karnal
Palwal, IND    Haryana - HR    Palwal
Panipat, IND    Haryana - HR    Panipat
Rohtak, IND    Haryana - HR    Rohtak
Gohana, IND    Haryana - HR    Sonipat
Sonipat, IND    Haryana - HR    Sonipat
Yamunanagar, IND    Haryana - HR    Yamuna Nagar
Hamirpur, IND - HP    Himachal Pradesh - HP    Hamirpur - Himachal
Palampur, IND    Himachal Pradesh - HP    Kangra
Shimla, IND (Simla, IND)    Himachal Pradesh - HP    Shimla
Solan, IND (Solon, IND)    Himachal Pradesh - HP    Solan
Jammu, IND    Jammu o Kashmir - JK (Azad Kashmir - Azad Jammu and Kashmir - Azaad Jammu o Kashmir)    Jammu
Kundanpur, IND - JK    Jammu o Kashmir - JK (Azad Kashmir - Azad Jammu and Kashmir - Azaad Jammu o Kashmir)    Samba
Srinagar, IND    Jammu o Kashmir - JK (Azad Kashmir - Azad Jammu and Kashmir - Azaad Jammu o Kashmir)    Srinagar
Dhanbad, IND    Jharkhand - JS    Dhanbad
Jamshedpur, IND    Jharkhand - JS    East Singhbhum
Ranchi, IND    Jharkhand - JS    Ranchi
Chakradharpur, IND    Jharkhand - JS    West Singhbhum (Pashchimi Singhbhum)
Bagalkot, IND (Bagalkote, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Bagalkot
Belgaum, IND    Karnataka - KA    Belgaum
Bellary, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bellary
Hospet, IND (Hosapete, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Bellary
Doddathogur, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Bengaluru Rural
Electronics City, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Bengaluru Rural
Bengaluru, IND (Bangalore, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Bengaluru Urban
Konappana Agrahara, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Bengaluru Urban
Whitefield, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Bengaluru Urban
Chitradurga, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bengaluru Division - Chitradurga
Bijapur, IND    Karnataka - KA    Bijapur Division - Bijapur
Dharwad, IND (Hubli Dharwad, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Dharwad Division - Dharwad
Hubli Dharwad, IND    Karnataka - KA    Dharwad Division - Dharwad
Hubli, IND (Hubballi, IND - Hubli Dharwad, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Dharwad Division - Dharwad
Gulbarga, IND (Kalburgi, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Gulbarga Division - Gulbarga
Ankola, IND    Karnataka - KA    Karwar Division - Uttara Kannada
Belekeri, IND    Karnataka - KA    Karwar Division - Uttara Kannada
Joida, IND    Karnataka - KA    Karwar Division - Uttara Kannada
Kumta, IND    Karnataka - KA    Karwar Division - Uttara Kannada
Mangaluru, IND (Mangalore, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Mangaluru Division - Dakshina Kannada
Mysore, IND (Maisuru, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Mysore Division - Mysore
Shimoga, IND (Shivamogga, IND)    Karnataka - KA    Shimoga Division - Shimoga
Manipal, IND    Karnataka - KA    Udupi
Shorapur, IND    Karnataka - KA    Yadgir Division - Yadgir
Alappuzha, IND    Kerala - KL    Alappuzha
Mavelikara, IND    Kerala - KL    Alappuzha
Ernakulam, IND    Kerala - KL    Ernakulam
Kochi, IND (Cochin, IND)    Kerala - KL    Ernakulam
Kannur, IND (Cannanore, IND)    Kerala - KL    Kannur
Thana, IND    Kerala - KL    Kannur
Kasaragod, IND    Kerala - KL    Kasaragod
Kollam, IND    Kerala - KL    Kollam
Kottayam, IND    Kerala - KL    Kottayam
Kozhikode, IND (Calicut, IND)    Kerala - KL    Kozhikode
Malappuram, IND    Kerala - KL    Malappuram
Tirur, IND    Kerala - KL    Malappuram
Palakkad, IND    Kerala - KL    Palakkad
Thiruvananthapuram, IND (Trivandrum, IND)    Kerala - KL    Thirvunanthapuram
Thrissur, IND    Kerala - KL    Thrissur
Bhopal, IND    Madhya Pradesh - MP    Bhopal
Gwalior, IND    Madhya Pradesh - MP    Gwalior
Indore, IND    Madhya Pradesh - MP    Indore
Jabalpur, IND    Madhya Pradesh - MP    Jabalpur
Shrirampur, IND - MH    Maharashtra - MH    Ahmadnagar
Akola, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Akola
Aurangabad, IND - MH    Maharashtra - MH    Aurangabad
Dhule, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Dhule
Gondia, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Gondia
Murdoli, IND (Gondia, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Gondia
Jalgaon, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Jalgaon
Jalna, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Jalna
Ichalkaranji, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Kolhapur
Kolhapur, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Kolhapur
Latur, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Latur
Mumbai, IND (Bombay, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Mumbai
Andheri, IND (Mumbai, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Mumbai Suburban
Kandivali, IND (Kandivli, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Mumbai Suburban
Powai, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Mumbai Suburban
Nagpur, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Nagpur
Nanded, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Nanded
Nashik, IND (Nasik, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Nashik
Palam, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Parbhani
Pune, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Pune
Goregaon, IND - MH    Maharashtra - MH    Raigad
Pavas, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Ratnagiri
Palus, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Sangli
Sangli, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Sangli
Karmala, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Solapur
Pande, IND (Karmala, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Solapur
Solapur, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Solapur
Boisar, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Dombivli, IND (Kalyan Dombivli, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Kalyan Dombivli, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Mahape, IND (Navi Mumbai, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Navi Mumbai, IND - Thane, Raigad    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Sanpada, IND (Navi Mumbai, IND)    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Thane, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Vasai, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Vashi, IND (Navi Mumbai, IND)     Maharashtra - MH    Thane
Wardha, IND    Maharashtra - MH    Wardha
Shillong, IND    Meghalaya - ML    East Khasi Hills
Aizawl, IND    Mizoram - MZ    Aizawl
Mokokchung, IND    Nagaland - NL    Mokokchung
Balangir, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Balangir
Jagatsinghpur, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Jagatsinghpur
Jharsuguda, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Jharsuguda
Bhawanipatna, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Kalahandi
Bhubaneswar, IND (Bhubaneshwar, IND)    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Khurda - Khordha
Jeypore, IND - OR (Jaipur, IND - OR / Jaypur, IND - OR)    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Koraput
Puri, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Puri
Sambalpur, IND    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Sambalpur
Raurkela, IND (Rourkela, IND)    Odisha - OR (Orissa)    Sundargarh - Sundergarh
Puducherry, IND (Pondicherry, IND)    Pondicherry - PY (Puducherry)    Puducherry
Amritsar, IND    Punjab - PB    Amritsar
Faridkot, IND    Punjab - PB    Faridkot
Hariana, IND    Punjab - PB    Hoshiarpur
Jalandhar, IND    Punjab - PB    Jalandhar
Jallah, IND (Jallan, IND)    Punjab - PB    Ludhiana
Ludhiana, IND    Punjab - PB    Ludhiana
Mohali, IND    Punjab - PB    Mohali
Nabha, IND    Punjab - PB    Patiala
Patiala, IND    Punjab - PB    Patiala
Rajpura, IND    Punjab - PB    Patiala
Sangrur, IND    Punjab - PB    Sangrur
Banga, IND    Punjab - PB    Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar
Ajmer, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Ajmer Division - Ajmer
Tonk, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Ajmer Division - Tonk
Nagar, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Barathpur Division - Bharatpur
Bikaner, IND (Bikaner City, IND)    Rajasthan - RJ    Bikaner Division - Bikaner
Jaipur, IND - RJ (Jeypore, IND - RJ / Jaypur, IND - RJ)    Rajasthan - RJ    Jaipur Division - Jaipur
Lamba Gothra, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Jaipur Division - Jhunjhunu
Jodhpur, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Jodhpur Division - Jodhpur
Kota, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Kota Division - Kota
Udaipur, IND    Rajasthan - RJ    Udaipur Division- Udaipur
Gangtok, IND    Sikkim - SK    East Sikkim
Chennai, IND (Madras, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Chennai
Coimbatore, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Coimbatore
Dharmapuri, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Dharmapuri
Erode, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Erode
Nagercoil, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Kanyakumari
Karur, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Karur
Hosur, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Krishnagiri
Krishnagiri, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Krishnagiri
Madurai, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Madurai
Namakkal, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Namakkal
Salem, IND (Selam, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Salem
Kumbakonam, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Thanjavur
Thanjavur, IND (Tanjore, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Thanjavur
Thiruvannamalai, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Thiruvannamalai
Thiruvarur, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Thiruvarur
Tiruchirapalli, IND (Trichy, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Tiruchirapalli
Tirunelveli, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Tirunelveli
Tirupur, IND (Tiruppur, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Tirupur
Tiruvannamalai, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Tiruvannamalai
Velluru, IND (Vellore, IND)    Tamil Nadu - TN    Vellore
Villupuram, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Villupuram
Sivakasi, IND    Tamil Nadu - TN    Virudhunagar
Agartala, IND    Tripura - TR    West Tripura - WT
Agra, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Agra Division - Agra - AG
Mathura, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Agra Division - Mathura - MT
Aligarh, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Aligarh Division - Aligarh - AL
Allahabad, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Allahabad Division - Allahabad - AH
Ballia, IND - UP    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Azamgarh Division - Ballia
Bareli, IND (Bareilly, IND)    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Bareilly Division - Bareilly - BR
Gorakhpur, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Gorakhpur Division - Gorakhpur - GR
Jhansi, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Jhansi Division - Jhansi - JH
Lalitpur, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Jhansi Division - Lalitpur - LA
Akbarpur, IND - Kanpur Dehat    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Kanpur Dehat - KN (formerly Ramabai Nagar)
Kanpur, IND (Cawnpore, IND)    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Kanpur Divison - Kanpur Nagar - KN
Lucknow, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Lucknow Division - Lucknow - LU
Dadri, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Meerut Division - Gautam Buddah Nagar - GB
NOIDA, IND (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, IND)    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Meerut Division - Gautam Buddah Nagar - GB
Ghaziabad, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Meerut Division - Ghaziabad - GZ
Meerut, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Meerut Division - Meerut - ME
Bhadohi, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Mirzapur Division - Sant Ravidas Nagar - SR
Moradabad, IND    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Moradabad Division - Moradabad District - MO
Varanasi, IND (Benares, IND)    Uttar Pradesh - UP    Varanasi Division - Varanasi District - VA
Dehradun, IND (Dehra Dun, IND)    Uttarakhand - UK    Dehradun - DD
Mussoorie, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Dehradun - DD
Rishikesh, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Dehradun - DD
Haridwar, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Haridwar - HA
Roorkee, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Haridwar - HA
Haldwani, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Nainital - NA
Kotdwara, IND    Uttarakhand - UK    Pauri Garhwal - PG
Bankura, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Bankura - BN
Asansol, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Bardhaman - BR
Bardhaman, IND (Barddhaman, IND / Burdwan, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Bardhaman - BR
Durgapur, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Bardhaman - BR
Bolpur, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Birbhum - BI
Arambagh, IND (Arambag, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Hooghly, IND (Hooghly Chinsurah, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Khanakul, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Radhanagore, IND (Radhanagar, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Rishra, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Shrirampur, IND - Bangla (Rishra, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Hooghly - HG
Kharagpur, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Paschim Medinipur - ME (West Midnapore)
Medinipur, IND (Midnapore, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Burdwan division - Paschim Medinipur - ME (West Midnapore)
Darjeeling, IND (Darjiling, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Jalpaiguri division - Darjeeling - DA
Chopra, IND    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Jalpaiguri division - Uttar Dinajpur
Howrah, IND (Haora, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Presidency division - Howrah - HR
Kolkata, IND (Calcutta, IND)    West Bengal - WB (Bangla)    Presidency division - Kolkata - KO

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Visitors from 226 countries or territories (as of EOY 2012) : Afghanistan, Aland Islands, Albania, Algeria, American Samoa, Andorra, Angola, Anguilla, Antigua Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bahamas, Bahrein, Barbados, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bermudas, Bhutan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Botswana, Brasil, British Virgin Islands, Brunei, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Caribbean Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo RDC, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Curacao, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Fiji, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guatemala, Guernsey, Guinea, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea (North), Korea (South), Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Lao, Latvia, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Macedonia, Madagascar, Madeira, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Malta, Martinique, Mauritania, Mauritius, Mayotte, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha, Saint Lucia, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor Leste (East Timor), Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, Ukraine, UAE, Uqbar, UK, Uruguay, USA, US Minor Outlying Islands, US Virgin Islands, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vatican, Venezuela, Viet Nam, Wallis and Futuna, Yemen, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


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NB : Not all visitors are listed here - this is only part of the data collected, which is itself very limited, with partial and random updates. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion.

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